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Learn about different types of keratin hair

First, let me tell you about the benefits of creatine. Why women go for this method and how long it lasts. Then I’ll introduce you to the different types of creatine.

Hair creatine is clearly suitable for people with curly and curly hair. You may be tired of having to spend a few minutes in front of a mirror every day to straighten your hair with special devices. Another problem that curly hair women have is that with the humidity of their hair after straightening, it quickly returns to its original shape.

It is also easier to comb straight hair than curly hair. You must have heard this complaint many times from those with curly hair. So one of the best features of creatine hair is the ease of combing the hair. This is recommended for those whose hair is damaged by decolera.

Of course, this does not restrict your hair. You can curl your hair or make it more beautiful with hair styling devices. But it’s best not to do it in the early days. Because keratin substances should be well absorbed in your hair.

Here are two models of creatine types for you to know before you do.

Brazilian creatine straightener
You must have heard of the name creatine. One of the types of creatine is hair that was first produced and used in Brazil. That’s why the name of this creatine became known in Brazil.

Brazilian creatine has certain ingredients that are made in this country. Formaldehyde is used in its compounds. It is true that these substances are dangerous to our health, but they cause the effect of creatine substances on our hair to be greater. Also, if it is done by a skilled and experienced hairdresser, it will not harm you.

A trusted hairdresser treats this material very cautiously when working. When your hair is impregnated with this creatine, your hair will then be ironed into a bunch. The high temperature of the iron makes the keratin material well absorbed by your hair. Once you are done you will find the charm and shine. Brazilian creatine gives you a very smooth and radiant hair.

But as a recommendation you should keep in mind that this material is not recommended for pregnant women.

Regenerating and Boosting Creatine
If your hair has recently become brittle and has lost its thickness, you should strengthen your hair stem. Otherwise, a lot of your hair will be lost as a result of inertia. There are some creatines that are used to strengthen the hair stem. In fact, the main job of these materials is to transfer creatine to the hair structure. Another type of creatine in your hair is creatine and regenerate your hair.

The problem of thinning hair can have different causes for each person. Continuous dyeing, iron deficiency and vitamins needed for hair beauty, thyroid problems, weather, stress, etc. are all factors that can affect the beauty and endurance of your hair.

Keratinization of the hair should be repeated depending on the extent of damage to the hair stem. Consult your hairdresser for this purpose. You may need to repeat it 2 or 3 times to get better results.

Doing so will restore about 5% of your hair. Of course, this is only if you apply high quality materials to your hair.

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