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Tips to Color Extension Hair

Hair is one of our beauties. The color and sex of our hair are genetically influenced by our ancestors. But it is worth noting that not every hair color is suitable for everyone’s face. In the aesthetics, this is the issue, that is, the beauty and harmony of the whole thing in detail. So if you want to change the color of your hair you need to match the color of your whole face. For example, nowadays, hair color specialists will advise you on the basis of skin color and eye color. Extending hair dyeing should be done with greater care and sensitivity. Because the extension hair structure is a little different from your natural hair structure and needs more care.

You may be worried about your hair falling out. For this purpose, you use the best hair extension method and turn your short hair back into an attractive bun.

As a solution, if you want to change the color of your hair, you can do this with a hair extension  For example, do not change your hair color, but use hair extensions with other colors. When extensions with different hairs of color are on top of your hair, it can be very appealing to your face. But this has a positive side to you. You didn’t damage your hair to dye it.

Steps to dye the extension hair
First put all the necessary equipment in your hand. These include: a special container for dyeing hair, hair dye brush, oxidant and hair dye, and a pair of gloves.

If you have part of your extension hair, you can try the dyeing process on it then follow the dyeing procedure on the hair attached to your head. This will give you a good experience.

Combine the color of the hair and the oxidant in a suitable container. The color of your hair should be slightly darker than the current one to cover the entire background with new colors. Divide your hair into batches and clasp. Then comb each batch in order and paint with a brush. Repeat this until all parts of the hair are stained. Then you should allow about 2 to 3 minutes for the color to settle on the hair.

Before washing, apply some of the color on the hair to see the color created on the hair.

After this period, gently wash your hair with lukewarm water without shampooing. To see the final result, brush your hair to maximize its beauty.

A few important points
If you want to dye your hair, it is best to do this before extending your hair. Your extension color will then be selected and installed based on your hair color.

It is best to ask your hairdresser how to dye your hair extensions when deciding on hair extensions. Every extension brand needs some special care and guidance that you need to know.

To dye the extension hair you need to use less than 1% oxidants. Artificial hair is drier than normal human hair. For this reason, strong oxidants can damage the structure of extension hair.

It is also advisable to use cream hair dye to minimize the damage to the hair texture.

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